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how will empro enhance my immunity?
Enhancing your IMMUNITY is a great way to protect yourself against any illness or virus.

 Your gut and your immune system are very closely linked, and 70 to 80 percent of your immune tissue is situated in your digestive tract. EMPRO is an Effective Microorganisms Probiotic that restores the balance of your digestive system. It contains a combination of 12 Probiotic Strains for optimum gut health.
Ten drops of EMPRO every day on your tongue or in a glass of water, 
will enable your digestive system to build your IMMUNITY
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According to the ongoing research, people with a low immunity as well as people that are already sick are more likely to contract a virus. Currently there is no cure for the virus, so prevention is our only options to try and avoid contracting the effect of the virus.

Our digestive system is responsible for 80% of our body’s immune function. An imbalance of the 100 trillion bacteria in our digestive system, caused by antibiotics, lack of a proper diet, age, genetics, stress and many other factors will therefore have a negative influence on our bodies immunity.

An imbalance can be restored by EMPRO drops, an organic probiotic with no less than twelve strains of bacteria that helps with the formation of beneficial bacteria that are missing in the digestive system.

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See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
I need to let you know how much this little bottle works. As someone who suffers from sinusitis, I decided to try Empro in January this year, and wow I am so grateful that I did. Why? As the seasons have changed, I have little to no issues with my sinus. The next things that happen came as a complete surprise! I have lost to date a total of 11 kg of weight. This is not from any special diet or any special thing. I take my 10 drops of Empro in the morning and I take a 40-minute walk in the afternoon and that's it!  In no less than 7 months I've lost 11 kg of weight and I really appreciate what this little bottle has been able to do. I need to also mention that I've had an extreme amount of energy while I've been on Empro. I can't live without it. It had an extreme change on my body. My hair and nails have grown so much quicker. So many positive effects! Empro works! If you are feeling weak or need to boost your immunity, this stuff really works. I am never getting off it!! I love my Empro.
- Kwanele Nomoyi
My daughter and I, started using Empro drops just as lockdown started. The biggest reason was to boost our immunity.
I also hoped for improvement in my energy levels and that it would improve my daughter’s teenage skin. We’ve tried so many different skin products with very limited results, even though she is very faithful in her face wash routine.
After a little over 3 weeks I can say that there really is a difference! We drink our 10 drops with juice every morning. I feel more energetic and even noticed less energy on the one or two days I forgot to take my drops. My daughter's skin also looks significantly better and we really started to see a difference after week two.
We will definitely continue to use the 'wonder' drops.
-Chriselda and Amélie Meyer
“After I used the drops for a month I had more energy and no more joint pain. After my last visit at the clinic, they told me my blood pressure is remarkably better. My daughter, Dudu, also used it and her skin has cleared up completely!” 

- Annie  Mabena
“Empro is the best! My energy levels and digestion have improved dramatically"

- Nelly Satege
Baie dankie Empro vir 'n wonderlike produk. Nie net is dit goedkoper as baie ander probiotikas op die mark nie, maar dit hou my langer ook. Ek gebruik dit nou vir net oor die 2 maande en die druppels help vir my IBS, my vel lyk beter en ek het meer energie. Sal dit verseker aan beveel! 
- Zuerita Gouws 
I am very happy with the drops. I've experienced a high boost in energy and definitely want more Empro!
- Clara Nomoyi
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This is your defining moment.
The decision is now. 10 Drops to WOW!! Just 10 drops a day and you will have great results.

Do you want better immunity, more energy, a healthier skin and better digestion?
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